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Facing fears in a foreign country

My fear of gun violence affects my feeling of safety.

I was robbed at gunpoint in Dallas about ten years ago and being in a new city, Mexico City, I've struggled with disproportionate fear around my safety.

Fortunately, my first night in Mexico, two Remote Year staffers dropped me off in an Uber and even walked me to my door to make sure I got in okay. Another staffer and I had had trouble getting the keys to work in all three doors the morning I arrived so this kindness made me feel better, and was really an appreciated gesture. They really do go the extra mile. Literally.

The fact that there are three doors did nothing to assuage my fears. I locked the door to my bedroom even though I didn't yet have a roommate.

It's not all fear by any means. Today, I rode around the city on a motorcycle with a friend from Puebla that's lived in CDMX for more than two years. We ate an amazing vegan comida at Azul Condesa of handmade blue and yellow corn tortillas, hibiscus enchiladas, lemonade with chia seeds (agua de limón con chia), hibiscus tea (agua de jamaica), mamey sorbet, and guanábana mousse. Guanábana is the Spanish name for the same fruit as the soursop I had in Jamaica last year. It's delicious, as was the entire meal.

But back to the fear.

Tonight, my second night, a dozen of us went out to eat at Asado Argentino after a Three Kings Day celebration (El Dia de Reyes). I had soup and salad so wish my tummy luck because eating lettuce isn't necessarily recommended if you're stomach hasn't grown used to the different bugs in a new country. We went to pay and I had grossly miscalculated how much cash in pesos was "safe to bring." Because I do this thing where I only bring exactly what I think I'll need. So one credit card, one ID, and very little cash. I really can't do that as it's more convenient to carry enough cash and not have to venmo a fellow Remote. ...Thanks Ed!

Afterward, a group going on to a bar waited with me, and helped me with wifi/internet so I could get an Uber home. Thanks for showing me that AT&T is safe to use in Mexico without getting crazy charges, Jennifer! I'm sure waiting for me was not a fun thing to do so I very much appreciated this act of kindness as well. It's good to know my fellow Remotes are watching out for me as I acclimate to a new city and country.

Wish me luck getting over these fears... and any tips and pieces of advice are welcome!

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