Last minute To Do items back in the States

I've returned to the states to finish out my job with the Obama Administration, and there is so much to do! If you are traveling, maybe these very specific to do items will inspire you.

Venmo Ed $50 pesos - from that time I didn't bring enough cash because I was scared of getting robbed.

Cancel Pandora - it doesn't work in Mexico!

Pack my inhaler - I keep feeling out of breath after taking a shower. Related question: can gas from a heater cause asthma to kick in?

Open Charles Schwab bank account - for free international ATM withdrawals with their brokerage account debit card. This has to be done from within the states.

Switch to Google Fi's Pixel - buy out the rest of my AT&T phone and switch from iPhone. Scary! I'll be carrying my newly unlocked iPhone for a second phone with a local SIM card option.

Pack puffer vest - it's COLD on Mexico City mornings and nights in January.

Remove all but two pairs of shorts - 65 degrees Fahrenheit and I'm shivering.

Change addresses with financial institutions and unsubscribe from those stupid credit card checks that you get in the mail all the time - is this even possible? Someone halp.

Swap out slippers for the ones with backs - mule slippers are not stair friendly when you're trying to run down four flights of stairs.

Figure out if GooTubes are oil Friendly - nevermind. Amazon didn't deliver this package!

Figure out how to not lose an entire tube of make up to the pressure change - what is the key to this? Just shutting it quickly?

Buy a Swell bottle - one of my fellow Remotes had one, and they retain heat and cold!

FEIE - ask my new boss if this would work for me!

Hydration pills - I'm kind of bad at drinking water unless it's "con gas y limon."

Pick up Rx from CVS - actually, drop off prescription for malaria pills and cipro, and then pick them up. Way to leave that for the last minute, Taylor.

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