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Hiking in the Colombian mountains

Picture by Kalina Kheirolomoom

On Remote Year, we have "tracks" that we can get on that have activities, usually about one track per week. For Colombia, my track was "ECOlombia," but remotes can swap out on tracks that they're interested in and give up track events that they can't make.

For Valentine's Day, a spot on a hike of Quebrada La Vieja, or "The Old Ravine" opened up so I swapped out for a "Colombia Farma" track event. The paths close at 10 am, so we had to be up at 5:30 to get there on time. The hike took about an hour or so, and was a bit chilly.

The Quebrada La Vieja is a nature preserve, and I was able to hike the first half with the biologist that accompanied us, which was muy cheverisimo. There were several security guards on the path so it felt very safe. It was a challenging climb, and we took the wrong turn that everyone seems to take and got separated from our group. The sweeping views of Bogota are worth the challenge and the frustration of being separated though! Going to the "wrong" mountaintop just meant we went to the mountain with the cross at the top instead of the higher peak. For us, that meant that we actually got a view of the city since the taller spot was covered in fog that morning.

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