Camping in the Colombian Mountains

I camped with a group of Meraki Remotes at the Neusa Reservoir. It's an hour and a half north of Bogota, Colombia. One of them grew up in Bogota and used to camp here a lot so she gave us the inside scoop. The water was so cold that there are signs prohibiting swimming. It's also a source of water for nearby Zipaquirá, a spot we'd visited Saturday morning to tour their salt mines.

We hilariously tried to camp for a second night on one of the first weekends that they apparently started shutting down the grounds on Sunday nights. We had just sent the majority of folks back all the way to Bogota, when we had to ask the driver to come back the same day and drive the last of us home.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

My coworkers at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency gave me this tiny globe to take around the world and take pictures with. A fellow remote, Ash Edmonds, is quite the creative photographer and came up with this idea.

Ash Edmonds took this long exposure light trail picture as well. I provided the cursive.

Can't go on a hike without striking an asana. Dancers pose in the mountains!

A fellow remote, Rai Medeiros says I have magic fingers. I love playing with people's hair almost as much as I love getting mine played with.

So many layers. So many handstands.

A shot of the mountains by fellow remote, Jen Guzman, our resident Colombian!

Some inside-the-tent shots by a fellow remote, Ellen Zha.

And a picture of Ash Edmonds by fellow remote, Ellen Goodlett, with one of the many wild dogs that we befriended at the campgrounds. They ate so much of our food.

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