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Arriving in Lima, Perú

This month's transition from Medellín, Colombia to Lima, Perú was the first time I actually traveled with my Remote Year group, Meraki.

From México City to Bogotá, I had to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico for work,  and for Bogotá to Medellín, a small group of us diverted to Barranquilla and Cartagena.

We took two flights to get here, the first leg to Bogotá on two separate planes, and then a second one to Lima all together. I was pretty excited to be flying with all 76 of us, down one Remote from last month, as you can see in this picture. This is Tim Nixon, a Kiwi from New Zealand who runs marathons like nobody's business. You can also see a few of the taller Remotes in their seats behind us. 

We drove South from the airport to get dropped off in our new apartments. This is the view of the sea as we first encountered our new seaside home. 

Rai and I each separately promptly attempted to burn down the apartment. Me while trying to make a veggie burger, and she while making tea.  

Sunday night, many of us gathered at this lighthouse to have a picnic. Afterward, I walked to a slackline, acro yoga, and music spot in Parque Antonio Raimondi where I learned how to play the berimbau afterward. 

Rai and I ate at this aptly named spot, Buena Vista Café. The service was great, the view was relaxing with many surfers, but the food left something to be desired.

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