Meraki in Lima | Remote Year: April 2017

April was busy. I could have spent two months in Peru.

We made causa, ate lots of Asian food, went surfing, hiked the Salkantay Trail, Rainbow Mountain, Machu Picchu, the Inca Bridge, and Sun Gate.

We went slacklining, learned how to play traditional instruments, got muddy in the lagoons, got lucky enough to be in Peru during the annual Pisco Festival, and man, did we take advantage of that.

I went to Quito for Nation House.

We. Ate. At. Maido.

#Meraki #RemoteYearMeraki #RemoteYear #Gringos #Lima #Cusco #Causa #SalkantayTrail #RainbowMountain #MachuPicchu #IncaBridge #SunGate #PiscoFestival #NationHouse #Maido

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