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Halfway Through Remote Year: 10 Things I Miss

Five months ago today, I left for Remote Year. 

These are the 10 things I miss the most.

1. Vegan cheese

Behold, the Oklahoma Burger from Native Foods. Complete with onion rings, caramelized onions, facon, and sunflower cheese.

2. Family and friends

I miss my Parisa, Dina, Moni, Alyse, Melissa, and lots of others. 

I've been chatting with my little niece Brylee via Snapchat now that she has her own phone. She's priceless. 

I wouldn't be mad if the rest of my family called me more frequently, but I'm glad I get to talk to my Granny and my Uncle Bill often.

3. Spicy food

I had a meal delivery service in the states, Purple Carrot. They delivered ingredients for two family size meals that I ate throughout the week. They always had tons of spices and flavors from a decidedly international menu.

South America? Not a lot of heat or variety. Difficult to believe, but very true. 

4. Imported sour beers

I haven't had a sour beer in six months. 

My life is not as complete as it once was.

5. Regular yoga classes


There is yoga on the beach in Lima. Yoga in a great Medellin studio for a month. Yoga on the rooftop in Mexico. Yoga in my apartment on my Cody App in Argentina. 

But nothing beats a regular teacher that comes to your building three times a week.

6. My chiropractor, massage therapist, and hair stylist

Second to a therapist, these three people know the most about my life. I adore all three of them, and miss them dearly.

For more than five years, Mallory has painted wedges into my hair, dyed my hair gray every four weeks, even painted my face for 2.5 hours for Dia de Muertos, and suffered through the inevitable Power Grip buildup every time I come in. Please come visit.

7. Not politics


I am still unable to deal with American politics.


I have to listen to the morning show via their app every once in a while because I jones for it so hard. 

It grounds me a little. Reminds me that even though I have a hard time wading through the news these days, people are still suffering. 

8. My bike

I love riding my bike to work, by Lake Michigan, and up the Chicago River.

I miss my Sherlock Holmes helmet. 

10. High heels 

I had a drawer full of heels at work and two doors full of heels at home, but I only have three pairs of shoes with me on Remote Year: sneakers, sandals, and flats. 

I've borrowed heels a couple of times when I had roommates that also have tiny feet. (Thanks Leah and Rai!)

Six more months to go

South America: check. 

Next up: Europe and Asia.

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