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29 Seconds in Prague

We've arrived in Europe for our three month stay. Prague, or Praha -- in the Czech Republic, or Czechia is lovely.

July was my last month with my roomie Shireen, who I feel is just one of those people who is so amazing, I will always be a fangirl. We lived with Yosh directly next to the TV tower that had giant babies crawling up it. I'm not sure I even ever took a photo of it.

Prague had so many highlights

  • I walked everywhere in Prague, and the gorgeous buildings and abundant parks made these walks even more delightful.

  • We went on a hike, and to a massive Olympics stadium pool a couple of times.

  • We celebrated Independence Day in our backyard with sparklers and fire dancers.

  • We visited all of the breweries including my new favorite, Pivovar Raven.

  • I went on a solo underground tour, lunch, and beer museum day, which everyone should do when they get the chance.

  • Lise and I went on a See You Later lunch and we ordered all of the vegan desserts.

  • Leah and I went on a See You Later dinner and ordered all of the frozen margaritas.

  • I jogged (and walked) 10k alongside the Vltava River, Tereza, Erin B, Amy, and Tim.

  • We went to a street food festival, the zoo, and the Letná beer garden overlooking Prague.

  • Erin B and I went on our first lunch date!

  • I had my first facial on Remote Year, and my first ever sugar wax.

  • I got my hair done for the second time on Remote Year; it was markedly better than my first experience.

  • We did yoga in our backyard, and one time we even did Beer Yoga in the city of beer.

  • We worked in the old Danish Embassy.

  • I went to so many all-vegan restaurants, and I didn't even go to all of them AND I finally found a giant bucket of nutritional yeast.

  • I started a new job with people I have loved for a decade.

  • I went on 1,000 fantastic walking tours with Marco, the Naked Tour Guide, including one track where we watched the film Anthropoid.

  • I listened to Mike as he and his Ikigais had a month full of goodbyes for the end of his Remote Year program, and I missed him a lot.

  • I toured an entire church full of decorations made out of skeletons, which was my favorite thing ever.

  • Meraki started watching Game of Thrones together when the seventh season debuted.

  • Our picnic in the park got rained out, but we persisted.

  • I went to lunch after visiting the Sex Machine Museum with Gary, and I learned a lot about Gary.

On that note, I'm still getting to know people in Meraki, which is a blessing in so many ways.

29 Seconds in Prague

Merakis in Prague!

Na zdraví!

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