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28 Seconds in Belgrade

Beograd, or the White City, was our second stop in Europe on our trip around the world. Belgrade is a city that grows on you quickly.

Please note that at the 5 second mark, you will be treated to a throwback to Latin America, Despacito. It is inescapable.


I was fortunate to have one of the best apartments this month and share it with people that I requested, Chuck, Tim, and Ashley.

Belgrade is home to my new favorite bar spot, Boho Bar. It's loungey and outdoors with string lights and a very relaxed vibe. It's in the middle of the Kalemegdan fortress, laiden with a bohemian decor of cushions, rugs, swings, and hanging chairs, and it has so many plants, it feels like a jungle. If you can ignore the starved lion and tiger in the zoo enclosure below, and the fact that they give you two plastic straws with every single drink, you're good to go.

We toured the Danube by boat and by bike. We went to a beer festival to play on carnival rides and watch a 90s band.

Side Trips August was full of side trips too. I went to England to be with Mike after his Remote Year ended. We house sat in the countryside, feeding chickens and walking three dogs in the early mornings. I met his family and saw where he grew up and where he lives now. It was a bit of an emotional experience for me. They are all so wonderful. Highlights were his mom's vegan cooking and longhorn and Welcome Y'all signs, his step dad's kit car tour, his brother's hospitality, his brother-in-law's Indian cooking (more food!), and his sister's shared love of animals. I also got to meet some of his dear friends, and had way too much fun.

We went to Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Montenegro for a week, basking in the sun and swimming in the sea. And also getting broken down on the side of the road with a lemon rental car. Not to worry, that feeling was quickly saved by freediving in a cave off the island of Vis.

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