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Meraki in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Remote Year: October 2017

Here's the video our program leader, Zoe Vos, put together for our first month in Asia. We spent October in KL.

We ate so much food, most of it off the street. Related: we fell in love with the local city team: Nik, Rez, and Wan.

We were right next to the KL Tower and near the Patronas Towers. We saw parachuters jump from it when we first arrived to the city. Kuala Lumpur is an exciting mix of the old and new.

I organized the Malaysia get together for "Dinner Across the Nation" at the rotating restaurant in the KL Tower.

I fell in love with the sound of the call to prayer.

I hiked and hiked and hiked, including through a river to a waterfall, and climbing up some rocks hanging onto a rope to see one of the most gratifying vistas I've seen all year.

I went to "lunch" at 2 am because I've been working New York and Chicago hours.

I did a handstand on a single file drawbridge.

I attended two local Meraki weddings, being a bridesmaid in the Mah Meri wedding.

I got up at weird hours to go eat local breakfasts.

I hammered out a pewter bowl.

I helped "christen" a Muslim baby girl.

We worked from home and did face masks.

We toured haunted cemeteries and other sites for Halloween.

I petted a baby rescue monkey on his belly.

We celebrated Deepavali with Indian food and henna.

We left our mark on our section of the wall at the workspace, Paper + Toast. We'll miss you little bun (our hamster mascot)!

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