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26 Seconds in Chiang Mai

Remote Year Meraki spent our last quarter of 2017 working remotely while abroad in Asia. In November, we were in Thailand.

Mike and I spent a week in Phuket at a beautiful wellness resort to celebrate his 37th birthday. I went diving for the first time.

In Chiang Mai, we took an Akha Thai cooking class, rafted down a river, and volunteered at an elephant reserve.

A group of only girls went to the silver temple, the Wat Sri Suphan, but were not allowed into the main temple because they don't let women in for religious reasons.

We had the most fun night chatting with some girls from the Chiang Mai Cabaret Show before they put on an amazing show.

We celebrated Thanksgiving by spending two days in an AirBnb watching Harry Potter movies and playing Cards Against Humanity. We celebrated Thanksgiving again by heading out to Rustic and Blue's farm for a chef's table meal, live music, and tons of expats.

We had one of the coolest Meraki Moth nights ever where we all sat on bean bags on the lawn of Cainito.

We saw so many monks. Monks smoking. Monks walking up stairs. Monks blessing us. Monks monks monks.

We rode in alllll of the red trucks.

We celebrated Queen Amy's birthday.

Our program leaders tried to sell us and the rest of the plane teddy bears and iPad covers, and it was bittersweet because it was our last official travel day together as we head to Kyoto, Japan for December.

Thailand was fantastic.

A month in Thailand

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