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5 days left on Remote Year

In honor of leaving Japan in five days, here's my countdown tribute to this amazing country and the experience I've had here.


totally new Japanese foods tried


new Merakis shared lunch or dinner with this month


loads of laundry done. One of which was a single pair of socks I walked home in at 5 am after our final farewell party


times having to go inside a business to ask people for a real map to get home after my phone died from being too cold


more week of working the night shift

And here are five pictures from my time in Kyoto:

Winter in Japan!

Illuminated Bamboo Forest in Kyoto

Feeding deer in Nara, Japan

Merakis with original Mexico City bracelets

Yoga in Kyoto with Amy

#Japan #RemoteYearMeraki #RemoteYearOriginalGroup #RemoteWorker #Kyoto #KyotoJapan

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