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Your guests are judging your old towels

I have a radical idea.

Buy new towels.

How long has it been since you last replaced them you think?

Well, think back to two summers ago. What trip did you take? Who came to visit you? How long before that had you replaced your bath towels?

If it wasn't less than two years ago, the experts suggest that it's been too long.

They're probably a little stiff. They're probably the kind of stinky that only your guests can smell. You're of course used to it.

If you have guests coming to stay with you for a long weekend, consider buying a couple of new towels, gently washing and partially drying them, and leaving them to air dry the rest of the way. Your guests will feel like they're in heaven, and you won't be secretly judged for your seven-years-old stinky, stiff towels.

If you're like me, and wonder what to do with your old towels, here are some of my favorites from 19 Ways to Reuse Old Towels

  • Cut them up into cleaning rags, dishtowels, or Swiffer Sweeper pads

  • Sew them together to make a huge picnic table

  • Donate them to your local no-kill animal shelter

Replacing your towels every two years is as easy as putting a reminder in your calendar, and as cheap as finding a sale at your favorite store.

Your guests will thank you!

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