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It's okay to feel love for things

Maybe the way we look at "clinging to im/permanent objects" is too harsh.

We often are told to avoid placing importance on objects because they are not as important as less tangible concepts such as relationships with our loved ones, our daily attitude toward change, or how much we give back to our community.

And I'm sure it's wise to not place importance on money and objects in order to avoid greed and trying to keep up with the Joneses.

However, if a tin of coffee makes you feel warm inside because it's not a one-time-use bag and therefore feels like a promise of a slower, more rooted life, great. Don't feel guilty for feeling materialistic or shallow. Celebrate instead the feelings of love that you have for a partner who makes you excited for a home with them.

If you love your yoga gear, as I do, celebrate how you enjoy going to an Ashtanga class with the people in your community, and the feeling of health and wellness that practicing yoga provides.

If you feel a bit silly for owning a few too many kitchen gadgets, celebrate the gratitude that cooking a wholesome meal from scratch - that looks as lovely as it tastes - brings you, and how much more healthy you'll be from avoiding a few more processed meals.

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