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The Top 5 Skills Required for a Successful Executive Assistant

The top five skills required for a successful Executive Assistant are

  1. the ability to balance a responsive sense of urgency with being willing and unafraid to make suggestions on how to best approach a challenge. Don't be afraid to be an advisor and a friend within an executive assistant position.

  2. finding your most effective communicative voice, which may mean you need to overcommunicate at the beginning of the professional relationship.

  3. proficiency in preparing emails, documents, and presentations in Outlook or a CRM, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or

  4. mastery of a project management toolkit that creates checklists or workflows for scheduling, making travel arrangements, preparing expense reports and briefing binders, etc. You want to aim for consistency and reliability in your work.

  5. and finally, the dedication to check documents three times before sending them out.

A bonus

This is not a skill, but before going into any assistant job, when interviewing and maybe even before you apply, you must ensure strong alignment to the mission of the organization and alignment with the values of the executive for whom you'll be working.
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